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New coiling head for large pipe and/or heavy coils

HDCH Heavy duty, pipe coiling attachments for producing bound coils. A flange with taper pintle is fitted into each arm of the pintle loading ( PLW orGWS) machine. A mandrel is then placed in between the pintles and the arms closed. The coil is then wound onto the mandrel until the required quantity is loaded. The coil is then bound and cut and the coil supported. The arms of the PLW machine is then opened and the coil compl ete with mandrel are removed. The mandrel automatically collapses to facilitate its removal. The coiling head can be produced in any client specific size.

Health and Safety update

Current health and safety legislation makes the handling of heavy shafts illegal for one person without lifting aids. Pintle operated cable winders have alleviated this problem on reeling machinery but until now, the problem of heavy shafts still exited on drum jacks.

Autoreel have developed a range of pintle loading drum jacks, which dispense with heavy shafts in favour of lightweight pintles. The design allows one operator to handle drums up to 20 tonnes.

Each stand has wheel to allow it to be easily manoeuvred onto the drum. Once in place a lightweight retaining shaft holds the jacks firmly in place. Independent hydraulic jacks raise the drum to allow it to rotate. The jacks are available in 5 sizes, 3, 6, 10, 15 and 20 tonnes capacity.

GWS Gantry range expanded for coiling and drumming large bore pipes

Our design team in conjunction with a number of clients in the pipe extrusion industry has developed a unique, one-stop solution for reeling and coiling cable, pipe and hose. The GWS Gantry take-up, which is produced in a range of sizes, reels onto various drum sizes has been expanded with the largest machine now being able to accept a 5m diameter drum. In addition, an ingenious, new interchangeable collapsible coiling attachment, produced to client specific sizes, transforms the machine into a coiler for producing freestanding coils. Other options include auto-layering and even a motorised manoeuvring carriage enabling portability between process lines. “With numerous orders already from many of market leading manufacturers of optical fibre sub-ducting and pipe, the GWS range is fast becoming the industry standard solution” “Manufacturers can now use one machine for winding onto bulk, storage drums or reel onto a semi-collapsible coiling head for wound coils” Mike added.

New Twin Head Reeler / Coiler

A new twin headed, take-up has been to our range. The unit is loosely based on our market leading SCW machine is intended for use on production lines for cable, pipe, hose and extrusions up to 30mm diameter. Drums or coiling heads up to 1000mm diameter can be fitted with line speeds up to 100m/min. Torque control is fitted for precise tension control alternatively, the machine can be linked with a dancer or accumulator which Autoreel can also supply. “The range compliments our successful twin headed PLWX machine, this new machine adds a new dimension to our already comprehensive portfolio of reeling solutions”.