HSR High Speed Reeler Autoreel Cable Winding Machine
HSR range

HSR – High Speed Despatch Cable Reeler

Autoreel’s comprehensive system for high speed winding of small wires and cables onto domestic size cardboard and plywood reels. This unique modular system is specifically designed for use in medium output distribution and process line applications.

HSR – High Speed Despatch Cable Reeler

The basic system comprises of a pintle loading winding head with a variable speed drive and a cable-layering device. Onto this we can add a number of modules which tailor the machine to your specific requirements. These include Automatic layering, integrated payoff device, Constant tension dancer arm, etc. By applying Autoreel’s philosophy of effortless one-man operation to the HSR, easy drum loading has been combined with state of the art technology to ensure high performance and reliability with reduced expenditure. The HSR100 can be used on a process line or linked with a pay-off for rewinding applications. This example shows it being used with an Autoreel PLP2000 powered pay-off allowing the system to rewind from 2000kg drums.

HSR - High Speed Despatch Winder


Powered by variable speed motor.
Hand operated cable-layering device.
Drum mounted adapters for a wide range of drum sizes
Mounted on platform base.



Range of Measuring meters.
Integrated payoff attachment with or without disk brake.
Air operated disk brake.
Automatic cable layering.
Automatic cable measurement.

Technical Information

Please review the information below for specific technical information.

  • Drum Capacity
  • Max Drum Diameter
    500 mm
  • Max Drum Width
  • Max Drum Weight
  • Machine Dimensions
  • Machine Depth
  • Machine Height
  • Machine Width