LR Live Racking Autoreel Cable Winding Machine
LR range

LR – Live Cable Drum Racking

Autoreel’s Live Cable Drum Racking facilitate the distribution of cable directly from stock, thus alleviating the need to move the stock drum onto a payout stand. The system is adjustable to enable easy alteration of the cable drum layout simply by altering the chock position.

LR – Live Cable Drum Racking

The unique design prevents the drum axles from being dislodged from the rack during de-reeling.The chart below shows the specification of our standard sizes, however Autoreel’s Drum Racking can be tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

Live drum racking for Autoreel cable winding machine


Powered by an infinitely, variable speed motor.
Light Weight drum axles.
Safety axle support chocks.
Centring collars.
Floor fixing bolts.


On Site Installation

LR2 - Unique Cast Iron Safety Check

Technical Information

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